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Gist of Abe-Trump press conference after summit talks

The following is the gist of a press conference held after summit talks between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday in Palm Beach, Florida.


The two leaders:

— reaffirm close cooperation on North Korean issues.

— continue campaign of maximum pressure until North Korea denuclearizes.

— demand disarmament of ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction in verifiable and irreversible way.

— make all possible efforts to bring Japanese abductees in North Korea back to Japan.

— agree to intensify trade and investment consultations.

— agree to start dialogue to achieve free, fair and reciprocal trade relationship.



— says Japan will continue to negotiate for exemption from additional U.S. steel tariffs.

— sees Trans-Pacific Partnership accord as best trade deal for Japan and United States.



— says he will walk away from meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un if he thinks it will not be fruitful.

— says he would discuss exemption of Japan from additional steel tariffs if new trade deal acceptable to the United States is arranged.

— says the United States will not return to TPP unless acceptable deal is offered.

— reiterates willingness to discuss bilateral trade deal with Japan.

— says the United States is exploring ways to expedite sale of U.S. defense equipment to Japan.

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