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Officers of association of abduction victims’ families to visit U.S. in late April

Takuya Yokota, 49, younger brother of Megumi Yokota and secretary general of the association of the abduction victims’ families, and Koichiro Iizuka, the group’s deputy secretary general, will visit the U.S. in late April for the purpose of lobbying U.S. government officials in order to make sure that President Donald Trump takes up the abduction issue at the U.S.-DPRK summit. They would like to “convey the voice of the parties affected by the abductions to the President directly.”


President Donald Trump vowed to “do his best to bring the abduction victims home” at the joint news conference held after the Japan-U.S. summit earlier this month. Yokota said that this was “very encouraging and reassuring.” On the other hand, he said that “vigilance must be maintained” despite North Korea’s declaration of its suspension of nuclear tests and “dialogue” approach, “which would give the impression that progress is being made.” He stressed that “we would like to call for sustaining the sanctions not only over the nuclear and missiles issues, but also until the abduction victims return home.”


Yokota stated: “Very little time is left for people of our parents’ generation. We must carry on the campaign for a solution. We are also skeptical and angry that a solution has been put off time and again. The government should maintain pressure and engage in behind-the-scenes negotiations to find a solution as soon as possible.” (Slightly abridged)

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