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Morning news

  • April 24, 2018
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Most networks led with reports that the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her third child on Monday, a son who is fifth in line to the British throne. TBS gave top play to a report on the sexual harassment allegation against former Vice Finance Minister Fukuda.


Top stories in national dailies included a U.S. plan to maintain pressure on North Korea until it abandons its nuclear programs (Asahi); a Tokyo-based security firm’s overcharge of 700 million yen for maritime security services for the Futenma Replacement Facility construction at Henoko (Mainichi); a GOJ plan to create a database for the medical records of 50 million patients (Yomiuri); plans by Resona Group banks to recommend their defined contribution pension fund customers shift their investments from fixed deposits to investment trust funds (Nikkei); and a plan by a Health Ministry taskforce to produce a report on government plans to store and distribute antidotes against possible chemical terrorism targeting the Tokyo Olympics (Sankei).

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