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Kokuba to serve as chairman of LDP’s Okinawa chapter

  • April 24, 2018
  • , Ryukyu Shimpo , p. 2
  • JMH Translation

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Okinawa prefectural federation (Chairman: Moriyuki Teruya) held a general meeting at the prefectural assembly building on April 23 and confirmed proposals to appoint Konosuke Kokuba, a 45-year-old Lower House member, as its next chairman and Dai Shimabukuro, a 45-year-old prefectural assembly member, as its new secretary-general. Kokuba will be the youngest chairman of the LDP’s Okinawa chapter. The organization intends to rejuvenate itself by appointing Kokuba and Shimabukuro, who were born after the reversion of Okinawa to Japan. It will also appoint Masatoshi Onaga, a 68-year-old prefectural assembly member, to the post of acting chairman, which has been vacant, in order to reinforce the organizational structure ahead of a gubernatorial election scheduled for this autumn. (Abridged)

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