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President Trump, PM Abe speak by phone to discuss response to DPRK

All national dailies wrote on Sunday that Prime Minister Abe spoke by phone with President Trump on Saturday for about 30 minutes following the President’s teleconference with South Korean President Moon, during which the ROK leader is believed to have briefed the President on his talks with Kim Jong Un on Friday. Abe told reporters after his conversation with President Trump that they welcomed the inter-Korean talks as a historic first step toward bringing peace and stability to Northeast Asia and agreed to keep a close eye on North Korea’s moves ahead of the planned U.S.-DPRK summit. Asahi wrote that according to a Japanese briefing, the two leaders agreed to work together to make progress on the abduction issue. Sankei added that President Trump and PM Abe agreed to maintain maximum pressure on Pyongyang until it takes concrete actions toward denuclearization.

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