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Gist of Abe-Moon teleconference on April 29

Inter-Korean summit


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: We welcome the inclusion of denuclearization in the Panmunjom Declaration as a positive development and we earnestly hope that North Korea will take concrete action toward denuclearization.


President Moon Jae-in: We would like to continue to cooperate closely with Japan.


Abe: Japan will also make every effort to make sure that the inter-Korean summit leads to peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and in the region.


Moon: Workers’ Party of Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un stated that the nuclear test site in the northern part of the DPRK will be closed down before the end of May.


Abe: We welcome this as a positive effort toward a comprehensive solution to the outstanding issues, including the abductions and the nuclear and missile issues.


Japan-DPRK relations, abductions


Moon: I brought up the abduction issue with Mr. Kim in response to Prime Minister Abe’s request.


Abe: We are truly grateful. We would like to cooperate with the ROK for an early solution to the abduction issue.


Moon: I told Mr. Kim: “Prime Minister Abe is also willing to engage in dialogue with North Korea. He wants to normalize diplomatic relations based on the settlement of historical issues.” Mr. Kim said he is “ready to hold dialogue with Japan anytime.”


Abe: Japan is also preparing for an opportunity to talk to North Korea. We would like to request your assistance if necessary.


Moon: I will be more than happy to mediate between North Korea and Japan.

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