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Diplomatic Bluebook urges North Korea to abolish WMD, ballistic missiles

NHK reported that the Foreign Ministry submitted its Diplomatic Bluebook 2018 at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday. The annual report says that on policy toward North Korea Japan will closely coordinate with the United States and South Korea to achieve the complete elimination of the North’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles. Citing North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, the report describes Japan’s current security situation as one of the most precarious in the postwar era. It also says that Japan has increased its pressure on the North to the maximum level by responding to Pyongyang’s various attempts to evade sanctions, including the transfer of goods from foreign vessels on the high seas. The report also notes that inter-Korean relations have improved this year, resulting in a North-South summit on April 27, and that a U.S.-Japan summit on April 17-18 and other diplomatic efforts by the leaders of other countries have been made recently. The Bluebook also says that Japan should seek the early resolution of the abductions of Japanese nationals, which is its top diplomatic priority.


Concerning China, the report says that moves to improve ties gained momentum last year, which marked the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between Japan and China, and that Japan should work to steadily improve its relations with China from a broader perspective.

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