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Top DPRK official to visit New York

  • May 30, 2018
  • , All national papers
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All dailies took up the disclosure by White House Press Secretary Sanders on Tuesday that Kim Yong Chol, the vice chairman of North Korea’s ruling party, will visit New York for talks with Secretary of State Pompeo later this week, noting that since the DPRK official is believed to be Kim Jong Un’s top lieutenant, he and the Secretary are likely to discuss the details of the expected summit in Singapore between President Trump and the DPRK leader.


Yomiuri noted that a U.S. delegation reportedly headed by Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim has been holding talks with DPRK officials at the DMZ and that a North Korean official who has been referred to as Kim Jong Un’s “butler” is currently visiting Singapore perhaps for the purpose of making concrete arrangements with a White House delegation led by Deputy Chief of Staff Hagin for the two leaders’ purported summit. The paper opined that the negotiations in three separate locations illustrate that both the Trump administration and the Kim regime are extremely anxious to convene the historic meeting as scheduled. Asahi speculated that the proposed meeting between Secretary Pompeo and Kim Jong Un’s right-hand man is perhaps intended to achieve a breakthrough on the scope and pace of denuclearization over which lower-ranking officials have probably been having difficulty reconciling differences. Sankei wrote that the fact that President Trump tapped Sung Kim, the top DPRK negotiator under the Obama administration, evidences President Trump’s strong commitment to realizing the summit with Kim Jong Un and ensuring its success.  

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