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Japan bracing for strong trade pressure from Trump administration

  • June 2, 2018
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All Saturday papers reported extensively on the USG’s imposition of high tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the EU, Canada, and Mexico, highlighting the three countries’ strong reactions to what the papers called a unilateral protectionist measure by the Trump administration. Nikkei opined that the tariffs might backfire on the U.S. since almost 500,000 jobs could be lost in America as a result of retaliatory steps by the three countries and claimed that trade friction with these allies could undermine the existing united front against China’s intellectual property violations.  


The dailies opined that although Tokyo has been trying to respond relatively calmly to Washington’s imposition of tariffs on Japanese metal products to avoid disrupting ties with the Trump administration ahead of the planned U.S.-North Korea summit, some GOJ officials are growing increasingly concerned that the USG will step up its trade pressure by raising tariffs on Japanese auto imports. Mainichi said Japanese officials are bracing for the possibility of the Trump administration demanding that Japan open up its agricultural market further in exchange for exempting Japanese autos from the proposed high duties.

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