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Suga says basic policy on North Korea being upheld

NHK reported at noon that in relation to remarks by President Trump on Sunday that he does not want to use the term “maximum pressure” anymore after receiving a letter from Kim Jong Un delivered by Vice Chairman Kim Yong Chol, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters this morning: “President Trump said he does not want to use the term ‘maximum pressure’ anymore, but we are still imposing very powerful sanctions. The President also said he will not lift the sanctions until North Korea takes action, and I think our basic policy is being upheld.” In addition, Suga reportedly said: “Japan welcomes the United States’ efforts to hold a historic U.S.-DPRK summit. Our position of upholding the policies formulated by the United States and Japan and to cooperate in urging North Korea to take concrete actions toward resolving the issues remains unchanged.”

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