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U.S. committed to obtaining from Kim pledge to relinquish nuclear programs

All dailies published various scene-setting reports on today’s Singapore summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, with Yomiuri asserting that President Trump is determined to have the DPRK leader state the phrase “complete, verifiable, and irreversible” denuclearization. The daily said the word “irreversible” is more critical than the other two words since it would mean that the Kim regime would not be able to resume its nuclear programs even if its security were in peril in the future. The papers said it is crucial for the U.S. and North Korean leaders to agree on a concrete roadmap for denuclearization that specifies a deadline for the DPRK to give up its weapons of mass destruction programs, including the nuclear weapons in its possession. 


The dailies also wrote that attention will also be focused on whether the two leaders will issue a joint declaration ending the Korean War, with Nikkei explaining that Pyongyang considers such a statement indispensable to its survival since it would mean that the U.S. would stop being hostile toward the Kim regime. 


As for the logistics of the U.S.-DPRK summit, the dailies wrote that according to the White House, the President and Kim will first hold a one-on-one meeting at 9 a.m. (Singapore time), followed by a session with additional officials. Secretary Pompeo, National Security Advisor Bolton, White House Chief of Staff Kelly, and others will reportedly be present on the U.S. side. The President reportedly plans to hold a press conference on the outcome of the talks this afternoon before departing for the U.S. at 7 p.m. Sankei said the DPRK defense minister, who was appointed only weeks ago, will be part of the DPRK delegation at the larger session, speculating that by having him sit in on the summit, Kim Jong Un is hoping that his army will be supportive of his willingness to denuclearize. 

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