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Ambassador Hagerty stresses close U.S.-Japan coordination ahead of U.S.-DPRK summit

Yomiuri published an op-ed by Ambassador Hagerty in which he stressed that in holding talks with DPRK leader Kim Jong Un today, President Trump is “in complete agreement” with Prime Minster Abe on such issues as North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs as well as resolution of the abductions issue. He stated that the two nations’ coordination on these items is “excellent.” While explaining that the U.S.-Japan summit at the White House last week demonstrated that most aspects of the partnership are in complete harmony, the Ambassador said: “Now is the time to bring our economic partnership to a level that is on par with the strength of our security alliance and diplomatic relationship.” He mentioned the President’s goal of seeking a trading relationship with Japan that is based on the principle of “fairness and reciprocity,” adding that the political prospects of a U.S. reentry into the TPP are nonexistent. Ambassador Hagerty reiterated Washington’s desire to move forward with bilateral trade talks swiftly, saying that the two nations will be able to pursue higher standards in a bilateral environment.

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