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Prime minister’s schedule on June 9–11, 2018

  • June 12, 2018
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June 9, 2018


(Local time)


Attended the G7 and Gender Equality Advisory Council breakfast at Le Manoir Richelieu, a hotel in Charlevoix in eastern Canada. Attended the G7 signing ceremony. Consulted with G7 leaders about the G7 Summit Communique. Attended session 4 of the G7 summit.


Attended session 5. Attended a joint session of G7 and 12 outreach leaders from such countries as Argentina. Posed for photographs. Attended the joint session of G7 and outreach leaders. Gave a press conference to domestic and international journalists at the Hotel Classique in Quebec City. Stayed overnight at Hotel Plaza Quebec.

June 10, 2018


(Local time)


Departed Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City, Quebec, aboard a government plane.

June 11, 2018


(Japan time)


Arrived back at Haneda Airport with his wife, Akie.


Arrived at the Imperial Palace. Signed the official register at the Imperial Palace to announce his return to Japan.


Arrived at the National Diet.


Held a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party Board.


Arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office [Kantei].


Held a teleconference with U.S. President Donald Trump.


Gave an interview to the press.


Arrived at the Hotel New Otani Tokyo in Tokyo’s Kioicho district. Attended a reception in the Tsuru Banquet Room held by Yurinkai, a policy group for which former LDP Secretary-General Sadakazu Tanigaki serves as special advisor. Delivered greetings.


Arrived at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo’s Uchisaiwaicho district. Attended the banquet for the International Conference on the Future of Asia held in the Hikari Room. Gave a speech and mingled with attendees.


Arrived at his private residence in Tokyo’s Tomigaya district.


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