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Diet group expresses support to make Japan-DPRK summit happen

  • June 12, 2018
  • , Mainichi , p. 5
  • JMH Translation

A suprapartisan parliamentary league aimed at promoting the normalization of diplomatic ties between Japan and North Korea (led by Seichiro Eto from the Liberal Democratic Party) convened a general meeting for the first time in about ten years in the Diet on June 10. About 30 parliamentarians from both chambers of Diet were present. It has been inactive due to the deterioration of the bilateral ties for some time. The meeting, which was held ahead of the U.S.-DPRK summit, adopted a resolution that calls for “rendering full support to the early realization of a summit between Japan and North Korea and addressing the abduction issues and others via dialogue” and highlighted Japan’s pro-dialogue stance.


Up till now the Diet has adopted resolutions protesting and condemning North Korea’s missile launches and nuclear tests. Eto noted during the general meeting that the group seeks to adopt a fresh resolution calling for the resolution of the issues of nuclear and missile development and abductions via dialogue. Some participants noted that “the Japanese government should actively engage in a dialogue-based resolution to the issues.” The parliamentary league will hold another general meeting after the U.S.-North Korea summit and confirmed that it will discuss its future measures.

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