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Public support for Abe improves

  • June 18, 2018
  • , Asahi, Yomiuri , Kyodo
  • JMH Summary

Asahi, Yomiuri, and Kyodo published the results of their latest opinion polls that showed improvement in public approval of Prime Minister Abe. Asahi put support for the Abe cabinet at 38%, up two points from last month, and nonsupport at 45%, up 1 point.  Yomiuri’s poll registered a three-point recovery in public support for the Abe cabinet at 45%, with nonsupport at 44%, down three points. According to Kyodo, support for the prime minister was 45%, up six points, whereas nonsupport stood at 43%, down seven points. Yomiuri attributed the improvement in public support of the premier to higher expectations for his diplomacy toward North Korea in the wake of the Trump-Kim summit, noting that respondents were still highly critical of his handling of domestic affairs, such as the Moritomo and Kake Gakuen scandals. 

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