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Casino bills said to be Abe’s “trump card” for influencing Pres. Trump on DPRK policy

President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong Un held their historic summit on June 12.


“There is an opinion that the summit did not produce any tangible results and was just a political show,” says a political news editor. “Although it seems that Japan’s abduction issue was indeed raised, no concrete explanation was given. But there is no doubt that progress was made in U.S.-DPRK rapprochement.”


Japan cannot afford to applaud this rapprochement unconditionally.


“Prime Minister Abe has made the resolution of the abduction issue the top priority of his administration,” the above editor goes on to say. “It would also be a problem if the U.S. were to ease pressure on North Korea.”


Abe met with Trump at the White House on June 7, shortly before the U.S.-DPRK summit took place.


The above source continues: “Since Trump’s election as president in November 2016, Abe has talked with him on many occasions and explained the abduction issue each time. At present, Japan does not have any effective channels of communication with North Korea, so it has no choice but to rely on the U.S. for a solution to the abduction issue.”


However, Abe, whose only option is to persist in “pandering” to Trump, does have some options up his sleeve.


A source at the parliamentary union for IRs confided, “Actually, the IR promotion bills currently being deliberated in the Diet are one of the trump cards that can be used on Trump.”


“Casinos are a major industry in the U.S.,” he went on to say. “Once they are allowed in Japan, Trump will be able to push for U.S. casino operators to do business in Japan. When Prime Minister Abe visited the U.S. in April, a meeting was arranged for him with casino operators.”


As a matter of fact, while Macau and Singapore companies were at first regarded as possible operators of Japanese casinos, “there has been a radical change since the launch of the Trump administration, and American companies are now the only potential casino operators,” according to the above source. (Slightly abridged)

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