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South Korea focuses on human rights aspect of comfort women issue

Asahi, Yomiuri, and Sankei reported from Seoul on a press conference yesterday by Foreign Minister Kang, who disclosed that her ministry will announce shortly a plan to play up the comfort women issue as a “serious human rights issue” in the international community. The minister stressed that the matter should be treated as “sexual violence against women during wartime.” The local Korean media reportedly projected that the ministry may make an announcement as early as today on the launch of a blue-ribbon commission aimed at eradicating sexual violence in conflict zones. Asahi projected that the Moon administration’s new policy on the matter will rekindle the history dispute with Tokyo. The GOJ reportedly lodged a protest against Kang’s remarks yesterday by saying: “As the two nations agreed in the 2016 comfort women accord to refrain from denouncing or criticizing each other in the international community, Kang’s remarks are unacceptable.” 

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