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Keidanren chief describes U.S. tariff policy as “extremely abnormal”

Japan Business Federation [Keidanren] Chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi expressed concern about trade friction developing between the U.S. and various countries in the wake of the U.S. introduction of a new tariff policy. At a press conference held on June 26, he said, “I don’t think the economy will be completely disrupted. However, it is extremely abnormal. I am very worried.” On U.S. President Donald Trump’s policy-making, he said “the president is trying all different sorts of deal-making, and Keidanren will closely work with the Japanese government in addressing the situation.”


On the performance-based pay system, which the ruling and opposition camps haggled over in Diet deliberation on work-style reform bills, Nakanishi emphasized that “the system is a big step forward.” He noted that “few results can be achieved if this is not completed at one stretch. I believe the system will become effective if it is introduced properly.”  

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