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Discrepancy between Abe, U.S. military over request for F-15 flight suspension

Asahi reported on a controversy triggered by remarks made at the parliament on Monday by Prime Minister Abe concerning the crash of a Kadena-based F-15 off Naha on June 11, noting that although the premier indicated that the GOJ asked the U.S. military to suspend F-15 flights, the U.S. military has denied that it received such a request from the Japanese side. According to the daily, in response to a question about the incident by an opposition lawmaker, the prime minister said: “We strongly called on the U.S. side to ensure flight safety and take thorough measures to prevent a recurrence. The U.S. side decided to halt flight training to conduct thorough inspections….  As we asked for a flight suspension, the U.S. side discontinued drills for two days and carried out inspections.” A USFJ spokesperson reportedly told the daily yesterday that the U.S. military, including Kadena AB, has not received such a request. Mainichi ran a similar story emphasizing that MOD asked the U.S. side to ensure flight safety and prevent a recurrence but not to discontinue F-15 fights.    

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