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North Korea dismisses Japanese narrative on abductions

Sankei reported on a commentary aired yesterday by a DPRK media organization concerning bilateral relations with Japan, quoting it as saying: “Instead of offering apologies and compensation for the crimes of the past, Japanese reactionary forces are trying to play up the abduction issue, which does not exist in the first place, and maneuvering unabashedly to portray themselves as victims.” The commentary underscored that Tokyo must come to terms with its history on the Korean Peninsula, calling for compensation for its colonial rule prior to and during WWII.    

In a related development, Mainichi highlighted remarks made during a UN arms control meeting in Geneva on Tuesday by a DPRK ambassador, who said Japan has “no role” to play in denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula since it is not a party to the inter-Korean Panmunjom Declaration or the Singapore joint statement between the U.S. and North Korea. “We advise Japan not to interfere in the affairs of other countries,” the North Korean diplomat said.  

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