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GOJ map shows probability of strong quakes by area

All major evening news on Tuesday reported that the GOJ’s Earthquake Research Committee released the latest map showing the probability of earthquakes with seismic intensity of lower 6 or above on the Japanese intensity scale of 0 to 7 occurring in Japan within the next 30 years. The committee updates the map annually based on the latest studies of faults and mega-quakes linked to marine trenches. According to the latest map, the probability in eastern Hokkaido saw a significant rise due to the revised assessment that a major earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 or higher could occur in the area. In addition, the probability of earthquakes in the Kanto region and the coastal region facing the Pacific remained high. The probability for Chiba was 85%, followed by 82% for Yokohama and 81% for Mito, Ibaraki. The city of Shizuoka was slightly lower at 70%, while the risk for Tokyo’s Shinjuku district was 48%, and Nagoya 46%. The probability was 56% for Osaka, which suffered lower 6 tremors last week. The committee chairman Hirata said: “An earthquake with a seismic intensity of lower 6 occurred in Osaka recently. There is no area in Japan that has a zero probability of being hit by at least a lower 6 earthquake, so everyone across Japan should be aware that earthquakes with a seismic intensity of lower 6 could occur. Aging buildings should be reinforced and people should secure the furniture, fixtures, and fittings in their homes.”

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