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Secretary Mattis holds talks with Chinese President Xi

All national dailies reported on Secretary of Defense Mattis’s meetings with Chinese President Xi and Defense Minister Wei in Beijing on Wednesday. Yomiuri wrote that Secretary Mattis and President Xi reportedly agreed on the importance of building trust between their nations on the security front. While the Secretary reportedly reiterated the U.S. position of not accepting China’s unilateral militarization of the South China Sea, Xi emphasized Beijing’s position of not yielding on issues of territory and sovereignty. The Chinese leader added, though, that U.S.-China relations are among the most important bilateral ties in the world. Sankei wrote that according to the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Secretary Mattis and President Xi agreed on the need for risk management for such issues as the South China Sea and Taiwan. Mainichi wrote that according to Reuters, Secretary Mattis reportedly pointed out the importance of dialogue between the U.S. and Chinese militaries. The paper analyzed that the United States created a cooperative atmosphere because it needs China’s cooperation in dealing with the DPRK.

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