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Secretary Pompeo making plans to visit Japan early next month

Fuji TV reported at noon that it learned that Secretary of State Pompeo is making arrangements to visit Japan for the first time since assuming his post after he visits North Korea early next month. The network said the Secretary is making plans to meet with Prime Minister Abe and Foreign Minister Kono. According to the network, PM Abe is hoping to receive a briefing from him on the process of North Korea’s denuclearization and to ask him about North Korea’s intentions concerning the abduction issue.

In a related story, Friday evening’s Yomiuri took up a teleconference on Thursday between Secretary Pompeo and his Chinese counterpart Wang, during which the top U.S. diplomat stressed the importance of fully enforcing UN Security Council sanctions resolutions on North Korea. The Secretary reportedly cited instances in which Chinese vessels have allegedly been involved in illicit transfers of sanctioned items, such as petroleum, with DPRK ships. The paper said that Secretary Pompeo in effect urged China not to relax its trade pressure on the Kim regime.   

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