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USG announces Secretary Pompeo’s visit to North Korea this week

NHK reported this morning on the USG announcement that Secretary of State Pompeo will visit North Korea this week to meet with Chairman Kim. The network showed White House Press Secretary Sanders saying at a press briefing on Monday: “To continue the ongoing and important denuclearization process on the Korean Peninsula, Secretary Pompeo will be leaving for North Korea on July 5 to meet with the North Korean leader and his team.” The network said that according to a press statement released by the State Department, the Secretary will visit North Korea until July 7 “to continue consultations and implement the forward progress made by President Trump and Chairman Kim in Singapore.” The network added the Secretary will then visit Tokyo July 7-8 and meet with Japanese and South Korean officials to discuss North Korea’s denuclearization.


The network added in its noon news that Foreign Minister Kono told reporters this morning that he will hold bilateral talks with Secretary Pompeo when he visits Tokyo on July 7-8. Kono was quoted as saying: “I would like to directly receive a briefing from the Secretary about his discussions with the North Koreans and exchange views. I would also like to hear from the Secretary the DPRK’s concrete commitment to denuclearization.”  

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