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DPRK allegedly asks U.S. to accept end of Korean War in exchange for denuclearization steps

Asahi ran a Seoul-datelined report claiming that it has learned from multiple sources connected to U.S.-DPRK relations that Vice Chairman Kim Yong Chol asked Secretary of State Pompeo at their talks in Pyongyang on July 6-7 for the United States to accept a declaration of the end of the Korean War as a precondition for taking denuclearization steps. The paper speculated that officially ending the war would help the DPRK to maintain its current regime because it would be difficult for the United States to take a hardline approach using military power if the current state of war on the Korean Peninsula is brought to an end. While quoting Kim Yong Chol as allegedly telling the Secretary that accepting a declaration of the end of the war would be the best way for the United States to recognize the DPRK as a “normal country,” the paper wrote that it is unclear what kind of denuclearization steps North Korea would take.

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