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U.S. serviceman’s wife charged in hit-and-run

In March, a woman in her 80’s was hit by a car on a prefectural road in the Aomori prefectural city of Misawa and seriously injured. The driver did not stop. In connection with this case, the local police have filed papers with the public prosecutor against the wife of a U.S. service member assigned to the U.S. military’s Misawa base for her alleged involvement in the hit-and-run and other charges.


The papers sent to the Public Prosecutors Office pertain to the wife of a U.S. serviceman belonging to the U.S. military’s Misawa base. She is a 26-year-old U.S. citizen.


The U.S. serviceman’s wife, while driving a passenger car on a prefectural road at Hirahata in Misawa city this March, is suspected of hitting an 89-year-old local woman who lived nearby, causing serious injuries including a broken hipbone. Because the serviceman’s wife did not stop, she is suspected of hit-and-run and

negligent driving resulting in injury.


The police investigated the case by analyzing video from a security camera installed near the scene of the incident and questioning the suspect on a voluntary basis. 


As a result, suspicion of the military wife’s involvement in the incident deepened, and on July 30 the police sent papers to the prosecutor on charges of causing bodily injury resulting from negligence and hit-and-run. 


During police questioning, the serviceman’s wife admitted the allegations, the policy say.


Regarding the sending of papers against the wife of a U.S. service member belonging to the base, the U.S. Misawa base commander, Col. Kristopher W. Struve, commented: “We are grateful to the police for their investigation. We will continue to cooperate in the investigation.”


(NHK News Web Aomori: July 30, 2018, 16:48 – online)

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