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Secretary of State Pompeo establishing presence in Asia

Sunday’s Yomiuri reported that 100 days have passed since Secretary of State Pompeo took office in April and he is establishing his presence in Asia. Noting that the Secretary was a key architect in realizing the first-ever U.S.-DPRK summit, the paper said he announced in Singapore on Saturday that the U.S. will invest about $300 million in strengthening security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. The Secretary also announced at the end of July that the U.S. will establish a fund worth $113 million to support infrastructure development in the region. A diplomatic source in Washington reportedly said: “The past U.S. strategies for the Indo-Pacific region lacked specifics and did not resonate with ASEAN members. By clearly indicating the size of its intended investment the U.S. has facilitated understanding that it is serious.”

The paper also wrote that Secretary Pompeo’s strength lies in the fact that President Trump places a great deal of trust in him. The paper added that attention will be focused on whether the Secretary will be able to produce results for North Korea’s denuclearization.

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