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Prime minister’s schedule on August 3, 2018

  • August 4, 2018
  • , Nikkei , p. 4
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August 3, 2018


Left his private residence in Tomigaya, Tokyo.


Arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office [Kantei].


Met with MOFA Director-General for International Cooperation Bureau Kazuya Nashida.


Held a cabinet meeting.


Attended a meeting for developing a long term growth strategy based on the Paris Agreement.


Met with Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Yoshimasa Hayashi and MEXT Deputy Minister Shinjiro Komatsu.


Met with MOD incoming Administrative Vice Minister of Defense Kenichi Takahashi and outgoing Administrative Vice Minister of Defense Katashi Toyota, incoming Director General for Defense Policy Akihiro Tsuchimichi and outgoing Director General for Defense Policy Satoshi Maeda, and others.


Received a courtesy call from Yasushi Watanabe, a member of the steering committee of “Yoi Shigoto Fair [Business Opportunity Creation Fair]” and President of the Jonan Shinkin Bank, and others.


Arrived at his official residence. Had lunch with Toshiaki Yoshino, Chair of the LDP joint association of the three Tama area chapters and mayors of municipalities in Tama area, Tokyo. LDP Executive Acting Secretary-General Koichi Hagiuda and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Eiichi Hasegawa joined the lunch.


Arrived at the Kantei.


Received recommendations on space debris from Chair Takeo Kawamura and other members of LDP Special Committee on Space and Ocean Development. Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries Yasutoshi Nishimura and Kotaro Nogami joined the meeting.


Arrived at his official residence. Met with LDP Nagoya City Council members. Lower House members Hiromichi Kumada and Shozo Kudo joined the meeting.


Arrived at Diet Members’ No. 2 Office Building of the Lower House. Met with LDP local assembly members from Saitama Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture, and others. Lower House member Hakubun Shimomura joined the meeting.


Arrived at the Kantei.


Met with Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary Akihiko Nakajima, Director of Cabinet Intelligence Shigeru Kitamura and Chief of Staff, Joint Staff Katsutoshi Kawano.


Received a courtesy call from Mayor Shigehiro Kishi of Kawazu-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture, and others. Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Nishimura joined the meeting.


Received a courtesy all from Co-chair Michael Mullen and other members of the Japan-U.S. Military Statesmen Forum.


Attended a meeting of the Council for Revitalization of Education.


Met with Director of Cabinet Intelligence Kitamura.


Arrived at Hyoki Akasaka-ten, a Japanese restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo. Had dinner with Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Hasegawa, incoming Director-General of the Cabinet Affairs Office Kuniaki Hara and outgoing Director-General of the Cabinet Affairs Office Eiji Habu, MOF Director-General of the Customs and Tariff Bureau Motoya Nakae, and Kantei staff.


Arrived at his private residence.

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