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GOJ may delay FRF landfill work until after gubernatorial election

  • August 14, 2018
  • , Okinawa Times
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Okinawa Times front-paged a report saying that it learned from several sources on Monday that the GOJ is considering delaying its plan to begin landfill work at the FRF construction site at Henoko on Aug. 17 until after the gubernatorial election scheduled for Sept. 30. The paper speculated that the central government is concerned that starting the work ahead of the election might adversely affect the ruling coalition’s campaign for the gubernatorial race. The paper conjectured that if the GOJ decides to postpone the work until after the election, the decision on whether to revoke the landfill permit may be left in the hands of the new governor to be elected on Sept. 30. According to the paper, some prefectural assembly members have expressed understanding for the idea of possibly delaying a decision on the revocation by saying that it is too “serious” to be entrusted to someone who is only acting on behalf of the governor temporarily. However, local politicians who supported the late Governor Onaga have expressed concern that it will become difficult to revoke the permit if their candidate loses in the gubernatorial race.


Meanwhile, the paper reported in a separate article that the GOJ asked the prefectural government after Governor Onaga passed away to postpone the revocation of the landfill permit. However, a senior prefectural government official was quoted as telling reporters on Monday that the permit will definitely be rescinded before the landfill work begins.

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