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Foreign Minister Kono meets with incoming Mexican leader

  • August 19, 2018
  • , Yomiuri, Nikkei
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Sunday’s Yomiuri reported that Foreign Minister Kono visited Mexico City on Saturday and held talks with President-elect López Obrador and confirmed mutual coordination for the early effectuation of the TPP. The Japanese minister reportedly asked the incoming Mexican leader to protect Japanese business interests there in the ongoing NAFTA renegotiation with the U.S. and Canada since Mexico hosts the largest number of Japanese companies in Latin America.


Meanwhile, today’s Nikkei spotlighted Kono’s Latin American trip that has taken him to Colombia, Peru, and Chile in addition to Mexico, explaining that the Japanese minister agreed with his counterparts to promote free trade with the goal of countering what the paper described as the Trump administration’s inclination toward trade protectionism. Noting that all of these nations are members of the Pacific Alliance, a Latin American free trade bloc, the daily said Japan is anxious to build ties with the alliance members. 

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