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President Trump reportedly told Abe, “I remember Pearl Harbor”

Fuji TV reported at noon that it learned from a GOJ source that during their summit in June, President Trump told Abe that if the U.S. has to pay Japan’s defense costs and the trade deficit with Japan is not resolved, it will be a “double whammy,” and added: “I remember Pearl Harbor. Japan used to fight more in the past. Japan should fight more with neighboring countries like the U.S. does.” The network said PM Abe responded by saying: “U.S.-Japan trade is also benefiting the United States.”


NHK, NTV, and TV Asahi also reported on a Washington Post report on the President’s remarks to Abe, with NTV saying that it is unknown why the President referred to the Pearl Harbor attack during the summit. According to NHK, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters today: “I would like to refrain from commenting. In any case, this is not true.”

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