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Secretary Pompeo releases statement on North Korea

NHK claimed at noon that amid signs that the U.S.-DPRK denuclearization talks are going nowhere, such as the postponement of Secretary Pompeo’s visit to Pyongyang, DOS spokesperson Nauert read a statement by the Secretary on Tuesday saying: “America stands ready to engage when it is clear that Chairman Kim stands ready to deliver on the commitments that he made at the Singapore summit to President Trump to completely denuclearize North Korea.” The network added that several U.S. media outlets are reporting that the Secretary’s visit was allegedly postponed in response to a belligerent letter sent to the Secretary by Kim Yong Chol, saying that CNN reported on Tuesday that in the letter North Korea warned the U.S. that the denuclearization talks are “at stake and may fall apart.” The network claimed that although the State Department refrained from confirming the letter, the Secretary’s statement was apparently aimed at calling on the North Korean leadership to demonstrate a sincere attitude toward denuclearization.

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