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Suga comments on UN body’s suggestion that GOJ adopt victim-centered approach toward comfort women

NHK reported online that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga commented on a report released on Thursday by the UN committee on the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination that suggests the GOJ take a fully victim-centered approach to resolve the issue of comfort women. Suga said at a press conference today that the report is “extremely regrettable” because “the panel does not take into account the GOJ’s explanation that the comfort women issue is not subject to the convention.”  On the fact that the panel also expressed concern about repeated assault incidents against women by U.S. military personnel in Okinawa and called on the GOJ to take measures, Suga reportedly said: “We are asking the U.S. side to prioritize the safety of local residents more than ever before.” Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Kono reportedly told reporters: “On the comfort women issue, it would be best for the two nations to thoroughly implement the Japan-ROK agreement….The issue should not be taken up by the UN committee and if the committee continues to take up the issue, its raison d’etre will be questioned. Nowadays the UN secretary general and others are talking about UN reform and revitalization. Reforms should be made to ensure that each committee focuses on the issues assigned to it.”

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