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SOFA revision to be banner for united opposition front

On the night of Sept. 4, Democratic Party for the People (DPFP) leader Yuichiro Tamaki made a comment on the united opposition front for the House of Councillors election next summer. Tamaki said, “Taking into account the upcoming Okinawa gubernatorial election, we will fight under the common banner of revising the Status of Forces Agreement. This is something that the Liberal Democratic Party can hardly do.” The DPFP leader shared his view with the press in Tokyo that opposition parties should cooperate with one other to field candidates for single-seat constituencies for reelection with SOFA revision as the central issue.


The Japanese Communist Party calls for scrapping the security legislation as a condition for the united front, but Tamaki said, “As the legislation has already been enacted and the public interest has somewhat waned, we need new campaign themes.”

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