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Ambassador Hagerty releases video message on anniversary of his first year in office

TV Asahi reported online that Ambassador Hagerty released a video message on the first anniversary of his becoming the U.S. envoy to Japan. The network said the Ambassador stressed that the U.S. will urge North Korea to allow all of the Japanese abductees to return home. The network showed the Ambassador saying: “Our partnership is contributing to progress in confronting the challenge of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. We could not have a better partner than Japan to help realize this critical goal. As the President and I have assured the prime minister, the United States will continue to press for the return of all of Japan’s citizens abducted by North Korea.” The network added that the Ambassador mentioned his meeting with the abductees’ families and stressed the need to continue to apply pressure on North Korea. Meanwhile, the network said the Ambassador also called for U.S.-Japan economic cooperation, quoting him as saying: “By working together to expand trade and investment, we can strengthen economic growth and job creation in both the United States and Japan, ensuring prosperity for our citizens.”

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