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U.S. appears ready to hold second summit with DPRK

All national dailies reported on remarks made to the press on Monday by White House Press Secretary Sanders, during which she reportedly said that the process of coordinating a second summit with the DPRK is already underway in response to Chairman Kim Jong Un’s letter requesting another meeting with President Trump.


Asahi asserted that although National Security Adviser Bolton reportedly expressed the view that a second meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim this year is possible, the paper’s analysis is that there is no clear path toward denuclearization in sight at this juncture. The paper speculated that Kim may have sent the President the letter requesting a second meeting out of concern that his leadership will be questioned at home if the DPRK’s relations with the United States deteriorate further. The paper wrote that according to a former senior DPRK official, Pyongyang is hoping to find a middle ground with Washington before the midterm elections out of concern that the Trump administration’s interest in the DPRK will wane after November. Yomiuri conjectured that the President may be hoping to urge Chairman Kim to submit a list of North Korea’s nuclear facilities and a roadmap for denuclearization ahead of the midterm elections.

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