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Australian victim of sexual assault by U.S. serviceman calls for SOFA revision

  • September 12, 2018
  • , Kanagawa Shimbun , p. 22
  • JMH Translation

Catherine Jane Fisher, the victim of a sexual assault by a U.S. serviceman in Yokosuka in 2002, handed a petition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanding the eradication of sex crimes committed by U.S. service members and a drastic revision of the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces agreement. She was inspired by the first-ever SOFA revision proposal that the National Governors’ Association adopted in July.


“For over 70 years there have been continual victims of sexual assault by U.S. service members,” said the Australian national. “Leaving the SOFA intact means accepting such crimes.” She demanded that revisions be made to make it mandatory for U.S. military personnel to “respect and comply with” Japanese laws as incorporated in the SOFA. (Abridged)

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