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Expert comments on outcome of North-South summit

By Nanzan University Prof. Shunji Hiraiwa


The joint declaration showed concrete progress was made in North-South relations, with Workers’ Party of Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un’s visit to Seoul at an early date and so forth being included in this document. This agreement may possibly lead to a declaration on the end of the Korean War eventually.


North Korea probably wanted to use this North-South summit to achieve a breakthrough in the easing of economic sanctions and to step up efforts to persuade the U.S. through President Moon Jae-in.


On the other hand, North Korea also attempted to make a strong impression by citing specific sites, such as the engine test site in Tongchang-ri and the Yongbyon nuclear complex, for permanent shutdown, but this ended up betraying its basic stance that “everything depends on the U.S.” In this situation, the only thing to do is to see how the U.S. will react.


It is unclear how interested President Donald Trump is in this matter but I think working level U.S. officials must be very dissatisfied with the declaration.

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