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Gist of PM Abe’s news conference after his election for third term as LDP president

The following is the gist of the news conference given by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Liberal Democratic Party [LDP] president) on Sept. 20:


Election result


I was able to win nearly 70% of the votes. This (strong) support also means support for policies and will be the foundation of my leadership. In light of this victory, I have the responsibility to fulfill the pledges I made during the campaign. It is the LDP’s tradition to unite after the result has come out.


Cabinet, LDP leadership reshuffle


I will work on this once I return from my trip to the U.S. to attend the UN General Assembly. I would like to appoint the right people to the right jobs. I intend to tap the broadest range possible of talents to build a foundation for the cause of building a new nation.


Constitutional revision


It is time to take up the challenge of constitutional revision, which has not been realized for over 70 years. This was the main issue in the presidential election and I was able to obtain encouraging support through this election. We must unite in our efforts to submit constitutional amendment proposals to the next Diet session. I would also like to coordinate with Komeito on this. The timetable henceforth will depend on the Diet. The road ahead is still unpredictable. We must make efforts to win the widest support possible. I hope the party will lead the effort on this.


Economic policy


I would like to firmly set the course to end deflation in the next three years. Corporate tax revenues are increasing for most local governments. I would like to further promote regional revitalization.




I would like to hold broad-ranging discussions on the future of Japan-U.S. trade and rule-making in the international community at my meeting with President Donald Trump. The abduction issue with North Korea must be resolved directly with Workers’ Party of Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un. I will not miss any opportunity for doing so.



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