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Support for Abe improves

  • September 24, 2018
  • , Yomiuri, Nikkei
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Today’s Nikkei front-paged the results of its latest public opinion survey that put approval of the Abe administration at 55%, up 7 points from a month ago, and disapproval at 39%, down 3 points. Some 55% welcomed the reelection of Abe as LDP president, whereas 38% did not. Asked if they trust the premier, 57% said yes while 41% replied no. The daily said distrust of the prime minister still runs deep, especially among non-affiliated voters, adding that almost seven out of ten respondents said he should not rush to submit to the parliament an LDP proposal on constitutional revision.


According to the results of Yomiuri’s latest opinion poll that were published today, support for Abe remained unchanged from a month ago at 50%. Some 46% welcomed Abe’s reelection as LDP leader while 41% did not. About 51% were opposed to Abe’s idea of submitting to the extraordinary Diet session this autumn the LDP’s proposal on constitutional revision and only about 36% were in favor of the idea.


Meanwhile, the Nikkei poll found that three out of four respondents said Japan should not heed President Trump’s request for Japan to reduce the trade surplus with the U.S., while only 12% said otherwise.  

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