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Abe to retain key cabinet officials

  • September 23, 2018
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All papers reported over the weekend that when Prime Minister Abe launches his new cabinet possibly on Oct. 2, he is likely to keep key cabinet members in their current portfolios, including Finance Miniser Aso, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, Foreign Minister Kono, Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Motegi, Trade Minister Seko, and Health and Labor Minister Kato. However, Agriculture Minister Saito will probably be replaced since he supported former LDP Secretary General Ishiba in the party presidential election last week.


As for the results of the presidential race, Saturday’s Mainichi said Abe’s failure to win a “landslide victory” over Ishiba apparently signified simmering dissatisfaction among rank-and-file LDP members in rural areas with the prime minister’s leadership and economic policy. The daily projected that the Okinawa gubernatorial election on Sept. 30, the nationwide local elections next April, and the Upper House election in the summer of 2019 may determine the fate of the third Abe administration, which will be launched on Oct. 1 or 2.

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