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Secretary Pompeo to visit DPRK capital next month

All papers wrote that Secretary of State Pompeo met with his DPRK counterpart Ri in New York on Tuesday and the State Department announced afterward that the Secretary will visit Pyongyang in October at the invitation of Chairman Kim to discuss denuclearization. In a tweet posted after the session, the Secretary said he had a “very positive” discussion with Ri and that “much work remains, but we will continue to move forward.” According to the dailies, during an interview with the CBS conducted before the meeting with the North Korean official, the Secretary commented on the possibility of a second U.S.-North Korea summit by saying that it “may” happen in October but would be more likely to take place “sometime after that.” He also reportedly disclosed that in a message to President Trump delivered by South Korean President Moon, the DPRK leader expressed his intention to denuclearize and agreed to host inspectors to verify denuclearization measures. 


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