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FM Kono meets with North Korean Foreign Minister Ri

  • September 27, 2018
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Most networks reported at noon that Foreign Minister Kono told reporters that he met with his North Korean counterpart Ri for about 20 minutes at the UN headquarters on Thursday, but declined to comment on what they discussed. When asked if they spoke while standing up, Kono responded that it was a sit-down meeting. NHK speculated that Kono conveyed Japan’s position of comprehensively resolving the abduction, nuclear, and missile issues and normalizing diplomatic relations with North Korea in light of the fact that Prime Minister Abe announced that he is ready to meet face-to-face with Chairman Kim. Noting that Ri also met with Secretary of State Pompeo, the network quoted a senior MOFA official as saying: “It is significant that Japan took the time to hold talks with North Korea after the U.S. did.”

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