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Gist of PM Abe’s news conference after cabinet reshuffle, Oct. 2

Cabinet reshuffle


We have only six months or so before the historic imperial succession, to be followed by the first G20 Summit to take place in Japan. The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in the year after that. At this historical turning point, now is the time to open up a new tomorrow. I pledged to take the lead in these undertakings during the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) presidential election. We will make a powerful start toward building a new nation beyond the Heisei Era. I would like to maintain the stability of the basic structure of the administration in economic, diplomatic, and other policies over the past five years and nine months.


Based on the idea of appointing the right people for the right jobs, I have named a record 12 new cabinet ministers, assembling a team of capable people who have honed their skills working in their individual positions. This is a “team play cabinet” for opening up a new era.


Justice Minister Takashi Yamashita (member of the faction supporting former Secretary General Shigeru Ishiba in the LDP presidential race) is only serving his third term in the Diet but he has had experience working as a prosecutor and parliamentary vice minister of justice. I had absolutely no time to be concerned about who someone voted for in the LDP election. The LDP must unite as one for victory in the simultaneous local elections and House of Councillors election next year.


Abduction issue


The chief cabinet secretary will also be in charge of the abduction issue. I would like him to reinforce the all-Japan response posture and fulfill his duties with a strong resolve not to miss any opportunity. I am determined to achieve a solution to the abduction issue at an early date with the full force of the Abe cabinet.


Constitutional revision


I won the LDP presidential election while calling for the whole party to work toward submitting constitutional amendment proposals to the next Diet session. I hope the party will deepen the debate and step up its work. We need to provide thorough explanations in our coordination with Komeito. It will not be possible to discuss the matter with Komeito or deepen the people’s understanding without presenting specific proposals. The future schedule will depend on the Diet and is still unpredictable.



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