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  • October 3, 2018
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Most networks and all national papers led with reports on the launch of the fourth Abe cabinet yesterday. Fuji TV led with a report on a press conference held by Kyoto University Professor Tasuku Honjo, who won this year’s Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.


On the cabinet reshuffle, all national dailies took up Prime Minister Abe’s press conference last night in which he emphasized that the new cabinet will address the issue of the nation’s declining birthrate and rapidly aging population and overhaul the social welfare system. He underscored that an LDP proposal on constitutional amendment will be submitted to the extraordinary Diet session to be convened later this month. Abe retained key cabinet ministers, including Foreign Minister Kono, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, Finance Minister Aso, and Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Motegi. He also tapped Takeshi Iwaya as defense minister and Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi as Okinawa affairs minister. Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga was given the additional post of minister in charge of the abduction issue. 


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