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Business lobby groups express hopes, demands for new cabinet

Following the launch of Abe’s new cabinet, business lobby groups expressed their hopes and demands.  Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) Chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi told the press: “Key cabinet members are staying in their posts and the new cabinet is packed with people of action. It’s going to become Abe’s wrap-up cabinet.” He also noted: “The new cabinet must make sure that the consumption tax will be raised. I would like to share our ideas on economic growth and social infrastructure-building with the new cabinet and work closely with it.”


Japan Association of Corporate Executives [Keizai Doyukai] Chairman Yoshimitsu Kobayashi said: “Social welfare reform is an urgent task. I want the government to implement difficult reforms that may cause pain for people and work hard not to pass anxiety on to the future generation.” Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Akio Mimura identified the “weakening of local economies” as one of challenges that the government needs to address, saying that “the government should build a future-oriented nation.”


Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Chairman Akio Toyoda commented: “I want the new government to review automobile taxes and implement changes.”  

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