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Secretary Pompeo says inspectors will be sent to DPRK

Yomiuri wrote that Secretary Pompeo reportedly stated in Seoul on Monday that inspectors will be sent to the DPRK in the near future to examine North Korea’s dismantling of its nuclear and missile facilities following Chairman Kim’s agreement at their talks in Pyongyang on Sunday to accept inspectors. The paper wrote that the Secretary also said he raised the abduction issue at his talks with Kim, quoting him as saying that Chairman Kim completely understands that he needs to address many issues, including the abductions. Sankei ran a similar report.


Meanwhile, Asahi claimed that it has learned from a source connected to U.S.-DPRK relations that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed in his meeting with Secretary Pompeo on Sunday his readiness to allow U.S. inspectors to visit the Punggye-ri nuclear test site and shut down all of the facilities in the Yongbyon nuclear complex, including those for plutonium production and uranium enrichment, to underscore his efforts to denuclearize. Kim reportedly added that he will not call for a withdrawal of U.S. forces in Korea or disbandment of the UN Command in Korea even if an end to the Korean War is declared. However, the source added that the DPRK leader also said that he will not submit a list of nuclear facilities in order to obtain such a declaration. According to the source, the U.S. side expressed the view that denuclearization measures taken so far by Pyongyang are not sufficient to issue a declaration of the end of the Korean War.

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