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Polls show public opposed to plan to submit constitutional revision bill to next Diet session

  • October 15, 2018
  • , TBS, Fuji TV
  • JMH Summary

TBS reported at noon on the results of its opinion survey conducted over the weekend, which found that public approval for the Abe cabinet was 51.7% and  disapproval was 45.6%. On Prime Minister Abe’s plan for the LDP to submit a bill to revise the Constitution to the next Diet session, 33% expressed support, while 52% expressed opposition. On the latest cabinet lineup, 25% welcomed it, while 51% did not. On retaining Deputy Prime MInister/Finance Minister Aso, 32% expressed support, while 57% did not. Meanwhile, 44% expressed support for the appointment of Satsuki Katayama as minister in charge of regional revitalization, while 41% did not. Support for the LDP was 38.4%, followed by the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan at 5.3% and the Komeito Party at 3.9%.


Fuji TV also reported on the results of its weekend poll, which showed that public support for the Abe cabinet fell 2 points from last month to 47.3%, while nonsupport rose 0.5 points to 42.3%. Meanwhile, 44.1% said they have high expectations for the newly reshuffled Abe cabinet, while 51.9% did not. On constitutional revision, 42.9% expressed support for the plan for the LDP to submit a bill to amend the Constitution to the extraordinary Diet session, 48.3% expressed opposition. However, 50.2% expressed support for PM Abe’s plan to retain the second paragraph of Article 9, which states that Japan will never maintain “war potential,” and add a third paragraph specifying the existence of the SDF.

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