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JCP seeking to win more than 10 seats in UH election in collaboration with other opposition

  • October 15, 2018
  • , Yomiuri , p. 4
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At its fifth Central Committee general meeting held on Oct. 14, the Japanese Communist Party set a goal of “garnering 8.5 million votes in proportional representation and winning more than ten seats from single-seat and proportional representation constituencies combined” in next summer’s Upper House election and confirmed that it will “mutually recommend” candidates with other opposition parties. It will call on other parties to discuss the matter.  


At a press conference held after the meeting, JCP Chairperson Kazuo Shii noted: “I hope to hold candid talks (with other opposition parties) and propose we join forces in the best fashion.”


To prepare to field unified candidates in 32 single-seat constituencies nationwide, Shii proposed that the opposition parties (1) come up with a common platform, (2) mutually recommend candidates and (3) clinch a deal on the establishment of a coalition government.


Shii wants to hold consultations with other opposition parties because he believes the JCP conceded too much to them in the UH election held in 2016 and last year’s general election.


In these elections, the JCP dropped its candidates without holding official talks with other opposition parties. In the general election last year, while the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan snatched anti-government votes, the JCP lost seats to 12 from 21 that it held before the election was publicly announced.


At the press conference, Shii stressed: “We will be able to defeat [the ruling parties] only if we can build a united front in a way that will give all opposition parties an edge and help increase their presence.”


But the CDPJ and other opposition parties are taking a cautious approach to collaborate with the JCP. Shii also noted that “there will be no conditions for talks,” hinting at the possibility of the JCP making concessions to some extent.

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