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LDP-backed candidate defeated again in Okinawa race

  • October 22, 2018
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All Monday papers wrote that the female incumbent outperformed an Abe-administration-backed candidate in Sunday’s mayoral race in Naha, noting that Okinawa Governor Tamaki had campaigned hard for Mayor Shiroma, who handily defeated her rival. This was reportedly the third election setback in Okinawa this autumn for candidates supported by the LDP and the central government following the gubernatorial election last month and the Tomigusuku mayoral race a week ago. 


Asahi suspected that the Defense Ministry’s decision last week to take legal steps to void the rescindment of the landfill permit may have affected the result. Sankei projected that the governor, emboldened by Shiroma’s resounding victory, is likely to step up his opposition to the FRF initiative. Nikkei wrote that as their candidate lost again in what the daily called a “proxy war” between the Abe administration and Governor Tamaki, ruling coalition officials are increasingly concerned about the prospects of upcoming races, including the nationwide local elections in April and the Upper House elections in the summer.

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